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Blog Posts

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Humanitarian Intervention: What are the Challenges Facing Aid Workers, and How Should They be Addressed? Ethics & Society, March 26, 2014.

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Opposites attract: how will the newly-elected coalition government handle bioethical issues in Ireland? Globalising European Bioethics Education, 2011.

Unwilling participants: the trafficking of human organsGlobalising European Bioethics Education, 2011.

No such thing as a bad egg?: the potential of the artificial ovaryGlobalising European Bioethics Education, 2010.

Not just for booking plane tickets: using the internet to procure spermGlobalising European Bioethics Education, 2010.

Have womb, will travel: the ethical implications of fertility tourismGlobalising European Bioethics Education, 2010.

Baby insurance? Freezing embryos now to become parents laterGlobalising European Bioethics Education, 2010.

Plastic surgery: another area lacking regulation in IrelandGlobalising European Bioethics Education, 2010.

Bioethics regulations in Ireland: where are they?Globalising European Bioethics Education, 2009.


Koratzanis, J.G. Repentant. KJ Publishing, 2015.
Repentant is a suspenseful tale of love and horror that explores a darker, more tangible hell, taking place within a twisted reality of New York City. | Elizabeth edited the debut novel from J.G. Koratzanis, the first in The Road to Hell Trilogy. Repentant is available for purchase in paperback or e-book.

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